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The Coalition Welcomes And Encourages Your Participation In Helping To Maintain The Valuable School Fine Arts Programs For The Students Of The Commonwealth.


The Virginia Board of Education will hold a series of public hearings throughout the state in July and August to gather feedback from families, educators, and community members on student expectations, how schools are accredited, and school resources. Please see the Talking Points. This document has contact information, dates and tips. We need as many of you as are able to attend and speak at one of the meetings.
Important topics include:
•    The Standards of Accreditation including changes to high school graduation requirements and changes to how schools will be accredited in the future 
•    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) State Plan 
•    Identifying conditions and needs of public education, for updating the Board’s comprehensive plan and annual report to the Governor and General Assembly

Specifcally - Graduation Credit Requirement in the Fine Arts
Full Funding for Elementary Art and Music Teachers
Impact of required middle school Career Investigations Course

This document is for you to leave behind after you speak (DOCX, PDF).  Make changes, personalize it, add your contact information at the bottom.  Be and advocate for the arts!

Public comments on other issues are also welcome.   
Here is a snapshot of State Policies for Arts Education
The two pages from 2014 are the most recent and up-to-date information that compares state policies for arts education.  Most notably from the chart, Virginia has not agreed to.



Position Statement On A Required Career Investigations Course

Scheduling Of Remediation and Its Impact On Fine Arts Instruction

Review Statement of NCCAS Standards (February 15, 2014) 

Position on the New Teacher Evaluation Process and the Impact on Fine Arts Teacher Evaluation

Concerns Regarding The Economics and Personal Finance Course Graduation Requirement

K-5 F Full Funding Request II

PE Legislation 2012 Position

8 Steps to Successful Advocacy