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Virginia Board of Education is proposing career investigations course that is required for all middle school students.  This new required CTE course could be  a disruptor to all elective courses, such as Music, Art, Foreign Language, etc.

Please write the school board now!
Download and use this sample letter  (MS Word) Send via mail or email as soon as you can.

  • All letters should be addressed to:
    · Dr. Steven Staples – Superintendent of Public Instruction PO Box 2120 Richmond, VA 23218 
    · Dr. Billy Cannaday, Jr. – President, Virginia Board of Education PO Box 2120 Richmond, VA 23218
Position Statement On A Required Career Investigations Course
Read the full report in the pdf titled; progress-report-for-profile-of-a-graduate.pdf.
  • In the attached Progress report... on page 7 it states, "...requiring that all students take a career investigation course in middle school."
  • Page 8 (2nd paragraph): "Lastly, a career investigation course would be required of all middle school students" Page 8 (4th paragraph) talks about the ACP being created in the career investigations course.
  • Page 9 shows 3 ways how the course may roll out with high school credit


8 Steps to Successful Advocacy

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The Virginia General Assembly, coming from the House, has crafted a bill dealing with sexually explicit instructional materials or related academic activities. The VCFAE recommends the following action. Please contact members of the House Education Committee (list to left) regarding HB 2191 as presented. Consider writing a letter using this sample letter and information provided.



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