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The Coalition Welcomes And Encourages Your Participation In Helping To Maintain The Valuable School Fine Arts Programs For The Students Of The Commonwealth.

General Assembly 2018 Resources:

Summary Document on the following
STEAM Diploma Seal, Kindergarten, 
SB274 Public schools; increase kindergarten instructional time, HB109, HB350 School divisions, certain; development of plan to fund and phase in full-day kindergarten, HB 1419 Public schools; instructional time, HB6332 Career investigation course and programs of instruction

Position Statement on House Bill 167, January 2018: STEAM v STEM

Position Statement on House Bill 1419, January 2018: Instructional Time

  •  Update on the Career Investigations Course.  It can be taught in a number of different ways, not just as a stand alone course. In homeroom, study periods in content course areas too. You can also access the full text of Superintendent’s Memo #187-17.


Position Statement On A Required Career Investigations Course

Position Statement On Arts & the High School Graduation Requirement

Scheduling Of Remediation and Its Impact On Fine Arts Instruction

Review Statement of NCCAS Standards (February 15, 2014) 

Position on the New Teacher Evaluation Process and the Impact on Fine Arts Teacher Evaluation

Concerns Regarding The Economics and Personal Finance Course Graduation Requirement

K-5 F Full Funding Request II

PE Legislation 2012 Position

8 Steps to Successful Advocacy