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The arts are essential to a broad-based curriculum that is derived from rigorous standards.

To bring together arts education stakeholders to promote and advocate for sequential, high quality arts programs for all children in the Commonwealth taught by highly qualified arts educators.
The Virginia Leadership Coalition for Fine Arts Education is challenged to seek methods to:

1. Strengthen support for arts education in the Commonwealth and to offer students a high quality education in the arts.

2. Maintain the position of the importance of high standards in the arts that includes: --- K-12 instructional programs in art and music for every student. --- a separate credit in the Fine Arts as a graduation requirement both the Standard and Advanced Studies diploma programs. --- the requirement of a fine arts credit by all institutions of higher learning for admission. --- emphasis on preparing students for their inclusion in a competitive and creative workforce.

3. Maintain the position of the fine arts in the instructional components of the Standards of Quality through communication with legislators when revisions are considered.

4. Promote the inclusion of fine arts teachers in the planning of and equitable funding for: --- appropriate professional development. --- the use of current and emerging technology in instruction.

5. Support increased funding for the arts as it relates to appropriations to the Virginia Commission for the Arts and to meeting special needs for the arts throughout the Commonwealth.

6. Establish and maintain local coalitions and advocacy groups to support issues related to providing high quality programs in the arts in every school in every locality throughout the Commonwealth.

7. Communicate with candidates seeking State offices and those in elected positions within the General Assembly in an effort to improve the quality of education and education in the arts in the Commonwealth. 8. Promote access to K-12 dance and theater instructional programs in every school division in the Commonwealth.